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Your Head Pain Might Be Sourced from Your Back

- Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Hello, everyone, once again from Lexington’s Stinson Chiropractic Center. We have an amazing video to share with you that features former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon who suffers from debilitating head pain directly related to sports injury. If you suffer from recurring headache, watching this video could be the most valuable three minutes that you’ve spent in a very long time.

Most of you know that we treat a wide variety of sports injuries with chiropractic care and sport-related head pain is a common thing we deal with. want you to know that you don’t have to surrender to sport-related pain. McMahon’s story in the short video below describes how a specific form of chiropractic care called “Atlas Orthogonal” has returned Jim from a very dark and painful place to one of comparative comfort and positive mental outlook. As it turns out, the source of his debilitating headaches was not his head or brain, but rather the source of pain was sourced from his spine.

We want all of you to know that there is a non-surgical and drug-free path to sports injury pain relief via chiropractic care. Know also, that here at Stinson Chiropractic, treating sport-related pain is both a core competency and a professional passion. So, contact us and let’s put you on a path to improved quality of life.