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Atlas Orthogonal

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Atlas Orthogonal is a specific form of chiropractic method that employs sophisticated science to gently correct a displaced top bone of the neck called the Atlas Vertebrae.

The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra that directly supports the head. It should be positioned at the right angle on the cervical spine as the head on the Atlas --- this is what Orthogonal means. Thus, the treatment requires precise measurements of the angle of the Atlas.

Atlas Orthogonal

Misalignment on the spinal bones may cause irritation and compression to the extent of significant damage to the nervous system. Also, misaligned vertebrae, particularly the Atlas, can impact the biomechanics of the patient. Thus, restoring the proper position of the Atlas is necessary to provide complete relief from pain and other symptoms.

See how the Atlas Orthogonal technique helps ex NFL quarterback, Jim McMahon, live a better life.

How Atlas Orthogonal Works

Atlas Orthogonal Treatment starts with a series of examinations including specific digital x-rays to determine the exact displacement of the Atlas. The vectors are calculated based on the x-ray findings. A specialized instrument is then used by the Chiropractor to adjust the misalignment with high level of precision and minimal physical pressure. The instrument's metal stylus will delicately touch the patient then, it will release a portion of percussion sound wave that will provide the gentle pressure or light force to correct the displacement appropriately. Only minimal discomfort is felt during the treatment as no twisting, cracking and popping is applied.

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