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We Got Rid of Saint Nick’s Crick

- Monday, December 26, 2022

Merry post-Christmas and new year’s greetings to you all from Lexington’s Stinson Chiropractic Center. Our Christmas blessing continue today as a world-renowned VIP presented here at our Lexington chiropractic clinic for severe neck and back pain associated with over-exertion. We captured that visit on video that we proudly present below.

Dance, Santa, dance!!! You’ve earned it! And we are humbled by the role we played in helping you dance once again. For all of you reading this, think about it. If we can bring relief to this guy after all that he’s been through, imagine what we can do for you! Continue the season of giving by giving yourself the gift of real pain management and a return to the quality of life that you deserve.

Contact Stinson Chiropractic Care and prepare to start dancing again!