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No Tricks Here at Stinson Chiropractic – Just Great Pain Relief

- Monday, October 24, 2022

October and early Halloween greetings to you all from Lexington’s Stinson Chiropractic Center. We have yet another amazing video for you, this one depicting one of our favorite patients, “Frank N. Stein”. We assure you we have secured Frank’s release to use his full name and likeness in this video. Those of you who faithfully follow our Lexington Chiropractic blog know that we are Lexington’s most celebrated chiropractic care provider. Let’s briefly discuss Mr. Stein’s case.

As you will see in the video below, Frank presented to us with severe neck pain. First, and very importantly, we want you all to know that Stinson Chiropractic had NOTHING to do with the bolts inserted in Frank’s neck. Those were implanted by someone else and, well, we’re here to tell you that Frank is VERY disappointed in that person. He did nothing to correct his neck pain. However, Frank made the right choice by coming to see Dr. Stinson for his chiropractic care. As you’ll soon see, Frank arrived in great pain, but finished feeling like a new monster.

Check out Mr. Stein’s transformation from one grumpy old monster in pain to a happy and cuddly creature all due to Dr. Stinson’s chiropractic treatment.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are not afraid of monster neck pain! If we can help Frank, we can certainly turn around your neck and spinal pain. Contact Stinson Chiropractic Care here in Lexington to end that monster pain of yours!