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Backpack Health for Students -- Live with Lee & Hayley

- Friday, August 12, 2022

Hello, everyone, once again from Lexington’s Stinson Chiropractic Center. Did you happen to catch Dr. Stinson, our new “rising star” recently on “Live with Lee & Hayley”. With students and parents preparing to return to school, Dr. Stinson was invited to discuss the very real threat to spinal health that backpacks present to you students out there. If you missed it, here’s your link to Dr. Stinson Live with Lee & Hayley.

While Dr. Stinson, Lee, and Hayley have a lot of fun with this subject, they all do a very good job explaining the threats and the proper wear of heavy backpacks out there. This is four short minutes of meaningful health consultation and most definitely something to watch.

This video is primarily focused upon spinal injury prevention but also touches upon several chiropractic treatment strategies employed for students and all other who suffer neck and spinal discomfort. Dr. Stinson briefly covers cold laser therapy, spinal decompression therapy.

Laugh and learn along with Dr. Stinson, DC and crew in the short video. And if you suffer any form of neck and back pain in and around Lexington, give us a call.

Hayley: Welcome back everybody. So we’re both big fans of the chiropractor. It has helped us both in so many ways. And so today, we’re going to be talking about back health.

Lee: Specifically about back health for students because between laptops and books and other school supplies, backpacks, they’re not a joke, they can be extremely heavy. And if they’re not packed or worn properly, they can cause serious neck and back issues. So, we went to see our buddy, Dr. Jeff Stinson at Lexington Stinson Chiropractic to find out how to fix that.

Hayley: This is an easy bake oven.

Lee: Wow, power.

Hayley: It’s back to school time, those heavy backpacks kids wear. I mean, talk about the effects that can have on kids and their back health.

Dr. Stinson: Sure. About the 2nd through the 4th grade, these kids are starting to carry eight, ten pounds in their backpacks, not a big deal. When it gets up to about sixth grade, you’re looking at 30, 40 pounds, something like that. So, this is our typical college student.

Hayley: Okay.

Dr. Stinson: If we look at her, if we’re analyzing her right now, of course, you can see her backpack, very heavy. So when she walks…

Lee: Like Groucho Marx.