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Auto Accident Victims – Chiropractic is a Surgical and Drug Free Pain Management Option

- Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Stinson Chiropractic Center - Auto Accident Injury

Auto injury accidents can have a profound impact on the well-being of individuals involved, often resulting in musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain. In such cases, chiropractic care for Lexington auto accident victims is increasingly the pain management path of choice. It goes far beyond the fact that chiropractic can be the strongly desired alternative to surgery and dangerous prescription medication.

Our chiropractic team here at Lexington’s Stinson Chiropractic Center take a holistic approach to returning you to the pre-accident pain free quality of life that you deserve. Here are several ways that we do this:

  • Diagnosis and assessment: Our chiropractic team is trained to evaluate and diagnose musculoskeletal injuries resulting from auto accidents. We conduct a thorough examination, including physical and neurological assessments, to identify areas of concern and determine the extent of the injuries.
  • Pain management: Many individuals experience pain and discomfort following auto accidents, particularly in the neck, back, and joints. We employ various techniques such as spinal adjustments, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, and other modalities to help alleviate pain and restore proper function.
  • Alignment and posture correction: Auto accidents can cause misalignments in the spine and other joints. Dr. Stinson is highly trained and skilled in making precise adjustments to realign the spine, improve joint mobility, and restore proper posture. This can help relieve pain and enhance the body's natural healing process.
  • Rehabilitation exercises: Expect a strategically authored exercise and stretch plan to aid in your rehabilitation process. These exercises are designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, improve coordination, and enhance overall function. They play a crucial role in restoring normal movement patterns and preventing long-term complications.
  • Non-invasive approach: Chiropractic care is non-invasive, meaning it empowers you in most cases to forgo surgical procedures or heavy reliance on medications. Instead, we focus on natural, drug-free methods to promote healing and recovery.
  • Documentation for legal purposes: Our team will provide detailed documentation of injuries, treatment plans, and progress reports, which can be important for insurance claims or any legal proceedings associated with the auto accident.

So, if you have been involved in an auto injury accident, contact Stinson Chiropractic Center.