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- Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr. Stinson: Today is October 15, 2009, we’re here in the office with James. James, won’t you tell us a little bit about why you came in, and what you’ve been through, and what kind of results you’ve received today.

James: Short and sweet, I had a couple of car accidents when I was younger, and shortly thereafter I had constant headaches to the point that I had a bottle of Tylenol in the car and at the house. They continued to get worse until I started going to the hospital once, or two, or three times a week for Demerol shots when they would get too bad, and this continued all the way up until the point that I came here. And once I started seeing Dr. Stinson, I not only went down, the headaches disappeared completely. Whenever I start to feel like they may come back, I will make an appointment that day and come in, and it’s gone before I leave the building. It is quite amazing, actually. You’d have to come find out, they disappear absolutely completely. I haven’t bought a bottle of Tylenol since I started coming here, and short and sweet, that’s it.

Dr. Stinson: James, I want to thank you for being on our video today.


Dr. Stinson: Today is September 09, we’re here with Sylvia Ponts. Sylvia has a history of headaches. Will turn it over to you, Sylvia. Won’t you give us a history of how long you’ve had the headaches, how bad they were when you came in, and what you feel like now.

Sylvia: I suffered with headaches for over 30 years and then when I came in here, I haven’t suffered any headache. I had to take aspirin everyday just to get rid of a headache, now I don’t suffer from a headache, I don’t take any aspirin. And since I’ve been treated with the machine, I haven’t had any headaches. Just in the last couple of weeks, I had nothing.

Dr. Stinson: Sylvia entered the office on 08/20/2010, and I have checked her. Today is 09/10/2010, she is in adjustment and she’s doing great. Sylvia, thank you for being on our video.