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Neck Pain

- Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dr. Stinson: Today is Friday, August 27th, and we’re here with Nancy Birdsong, and Nancy won’t you tell us a little bit about your condition when you first came in, about what you’ve been through and the results that you had thus far with us.

Nancy: I guess I’ve been coming to you for over almost 2 years now, it’s been about a year and 9 months, and when I came in it was January and I was considering having a rhizotomy procedure again because my neck radiculopathy through my arms was agitated again. I’ve had that procedure once before, about 6 months before that I wasn’t getting any relief or minimal relief and so I thought I’d try come back to the chiropractor, and when I got here I didn’t really realize you had the Atlas procedure, and almost immediately within a month I had alleviated almost all of the pain in my neck. I have to come back regularly for maintenance but the Atlas treatment has almost completely cleared up all of the radiculopathy and the extra pain.

Dr. Stinson: And just so everybody knows, what exactly is the rhizotomy treatment that you underwent?

Nancy: It’s where they’d burn the nerve endings in your neck or your back, wherever you happen to have an injury and they put 3 different, you have to have it twice, and they put 3 needles on each side of your neck and they burn the outer coating, and it basically just burns the nerves so you don’t feel anything, so it’s very numb. It helps for a period of time but it’s not foolproof, your nerves will grow back and you’re still going to have the same pain that you had before and mine lasted the minimal amount of time and I didn’t want to do that again, I was trying to seek another type of treatment and this is what worked and has been working for me for almost 2 years.

Dr. Stinson: Okay. Nancy, I’d like to thank you for being on our video today and we’ll check it out.