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- Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dr. Stinson: Today is July 21, 2011, and we’re here with Brooke. Brooke first entered the office on March 10, 2011, and I’m going to turn it over to you, Brooke. And if you could, just kind of, give us a history of what you’ve been dealing with, and take over.

Brooke: Okay, my name’s Brooke. I’ve been dealing with headaches and migraines for years, and years, and years. I’ve gone through every treatment I thought possible. I had the occipital nerve block, and I’ve been on all these different types of pills trying to make the headaches go away. I would get headaches every single day, and I would get migraines 3-4 times a week, and I thought I had done everything.

Dr. Stinson: How would the headaches affect you?

Brooke: Sometimes I couldn’t go to school, I couldn’t go to work. There were days where I just couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, and I would just lay there in the dark all day.

Dr. Stinson: What kind of dosages and medicine were you taking?

Brooke: High dosages. Dosages that would make it so that I was tired all the time, I couldn’t function normally, I didn’t feel like myself anymore. Just kind of, everything.

Dr. Stinson: And when you had the nerve block, give us a little description of what that is and how it felt when you had it. How much it cost you, how much relief you got out of it, and so on.

Brooke: I had to get two injections, one on each side of my head, and they actually stuck a needle on each side of my head and it was $250 a shot. And since I needed 2 shots, it was $500, and I got two months of relief with that. And then they told me that I would have to go back and get more shots every single time that they wore off.

Dr. Stinson: And now you’ve been under the orthogonal for the atlas, orthogonal treatment for approximately 4 months. And how have you done in it in that time period?

Brooke: At first, I would have to get adjusted every couple days, and then as the time went on I would go longer periods without any headaches and without any migraines. And it was wonderful, I couldn’t believe that this was helping. And I actually, recently went two months without a headache, without a single headache.

Dr. Stinson: That’s fabulous. Brooke, thank you for being on our video.

Brooke: You’re welcome.