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- Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dr. Stinson: Today is October 27, 2011, and we’re here with Josie and Lea. This is a very interesting case and I’m very _____ and I want to turn it over to you. And I want you to kind of explain what she has, what she’s been through over the course of a bunch of years, and just kind of tell us what’s going on.

Mom: Alright. Well, she has had migraines off and on for years, and when she has migraine she gets really nauseous and then has this severe pain. And this summer, she was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus – Significant Hydrocephalus which is fluid on the brain, about a third of her brain is fluid. And also with something called Mild Dandy-Walker Variant, which is a portion of her brain at the base of her skull never fully developed because of the fluid. We’re still, kind of, in limbo on that as far as working with a neurologist. But as far as the headaches go, they have gotten so intense, she was getting them, probably, every 5 days and they would knock her out of commission for 2 days. She would get nauseous, have the headache, and as it progressed….

Child: Let me tell them. Actually I had them every week.

Mom: Every 5-10 days. It did seem like it was every week. But as we started coming here, they almost immediately, it seemed like they started becoming…Dr. Stinson noticed that the top vertebrae on her back was out of alignment. He looked at her in 1 minute and he noticed right off the bat that her shoulders were slumped funny and pointed that out to me. And after the first session her headaches started becoming less frequent, and not just less frequent but also less…they lessened in strength, they wouldn’t last as long. And it has now been a full month since she’s had a headache, since she’s had a migraine, and we’re just very, very thankful.

Dr. Stinson: And can you tell me, they couldn’t put her on any medication and all. What would the neurologist do for her as far as treatment for the headaches?

Mom: He basically just prescribed Phenergan because they couldn’t put her on any type of preventative medication because if the hydrocephalus started causing problems and pressure on her brain or her eyes, the one symptom that I had to look for as a parent seeing her everyday was nausea and severe headaches, well that’s what a migraine is. So if they put her on preventative medication for migraine, they were afraid that might mask the symptoms of the hydrocephalus if the hydrocephalus started affecting her. So basically it was just a matter of take Advil and Phenergan, and the Phenergan, honestly, never seemed to help her, and the Advil only helped if we caught it at the right time. If I gave her the Advil right at the right time, if I gave it to her too late it didn’t make any difference. So basically she just had to go into a quiet room and lay down, and it would be, sometimes a couple hours of vomiting, followed by a day of a headache, followed by a day of getting over the headache. We were at our wits’ end.

Dr. Stinson: Alright. Well, I would like to thank you guys for being in my video today and we really appreciate it.