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- Monday, May 17, 2021

Dr. Stinson: Well, today is May 16, 2011 and we’re here with Kristin. We’ve been seeing Kristin since December, and really came in for headaches. And Kristin, will turn it over to you. If you could tell us basically, what you’ve went through, how often you’ve had headaches, just describe the headaches for us, and how you’re doing now.

Kristin: Well, for a few years, I was having bad headaches, what I thought were tension headaches. No less than 5-6 a week, so, pretty constant. Really, I was just kind of chewing down the Ibuprofen, which wasn’t really working. Then I came here, and now, for me to have a headache is extremely rare. I wouldn’t even say, regularly once a month. It’s very few, and far between.

Dr. Stinson: Okay, thank you very much.