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Children's Health

- Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dr. Stinson: Today is March 17, 2011, we’re here with Kamala and Ruth Anne. Kamala and Ruth Anne entered the office on October 27, 2010 with symptoms of chronic ear infections, neck pain, and was also having some other symptoms that I’ll let you go into, Ruth. So if you could just start us off, give us a brief history of what else she’s been through, what else she’s taken, and where she’s at now.

Ruth: Ok, probably when she was 3 she had a habitual type of cough, and went to the doctor. Went to the doctor constantly and they finally diagnosed her asthmatic with asthmatic induced cough. And then they started her off on Albuterol and it didn’t help so they ended up putting her on 4 medications which are Flovent, she was on Singulair and Zyrtec, and then Nasonex as a nasal spray and so she’s been on that ever since last year. When we started weaning her off after we came here, until then over the past years she’s had several ear infections, anywhere from 6 to probably 8 a year, mainly in the winter, more specifically last year, she had 3 back to back within 2 months. I happened to come here and was speaking to Dr. Stinson about ear infections, did he know anything about them, if he had any suggestions to help get rid of them. And so she was saying she had some x-rays done, he reset her neck because it was backwards, is that what it was? Her neck was backwards, and so after that it’s been almost 5 months to the date since that has happened and she’s been ear infection free, she’s been weaned from all of her asthmatic medications, and so we’ve been really happy with that.

Dr. Stinson: Has she had any more asthmatic attacks since October?

Ruth: No, no. None at all.

Dr. Stinson: And how many medications was it again?

Ruth: 4 daily and 1 per emergency, so 5.

Dr. Stinson: Thank you very much.

Kamala: And my name is Kamala.