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Testimonial - Headaches/Neck Pain Relief

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Dr. Stinson: Today is October 04, and we’re here with William. William, will you give us a little history of what’s all been going on with you in the last 7 years.

William: I had debilitating headaches that started about 7 years ago, progressed, worse, and worse and got pretty much unbearable – problems with driving, dizziness, balance, shoulder pain. Went to 2 neurosurgeons, rehabilitated medicine, and had facet blocks injections into my back, shoulder, and side of my head. Nothing really…no long-term relief, a little short term. And I started coming to Dr. Stinson 2 weeks ago and I’ve seen great improvement. For the first time in 5 years, I do not have a headache and haven’t had one, haven’t had to take any very little pain medication, and no sleep aids at all, which is pretty remarkable.

Dr. Stinson: Now, were you going to pain management?

William: Yes, yes.

Dr. Stinson: And what were they doing for your pain management?

William: Medications and the injections.

Dr. Stinson: Very good. And it has been 2 weeks, and Bill is in adjustment. And you’ve had no headaches?

William: I’ve had no headaches. And neurosurgeons told me that I would not be any better, that I would get worse and that I should file for disability, and I wasn’t willing to accept that. And since I’ve been coming here, I feel like a new person.

Dr. Stinson: Very good. Thank you for being on our video.

Dr. Stinson: Today is December 01. We’re here with William, we’re going to do an update. William can you give us an update of when you started out, you started back on September 21. What are all you’ve been through and where you’re at now.

William: Okay. I started coming in on September, severe shoulder pain, severe headaches, radiating pain up to the left side of my head. And after was December 01, basically pain free, taking no pain medication, no sleep medication, felt like I never thought I’d feel again. Basically I feel like I’m 21 years old again, and just doing things that I could not do. Having no problems driving, have not missed any work, and I was missing a lot of work – could not get out of bed, sudden incapacitating pain. And like I said, I’m virtually pain free, no medication.